About Us

Vesta International Limited was established in 2005 with its headquarters in Belgrade. The main objective of our business is to provide quality service and exclusive luxury brands to our customers. In 2006 we began working with the famous French group Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) the largest manufacturer of luxury goods in the world. 

 Following the immense success of our association with LVMH, we went on to collaborate with the luxurious anduniquely designed Bernardaud porcelain followed by Rosenthal porcelain and the distribution of the Gianni Versace line. That same year, we took on yet another of the greats – John West: the best quality tuna in the world.

In 2006, thanks to our marketing plan and the successful implementation of the previous brands, we took our company even further with the exclusive representation of one of the most famous brands in the world: Evian. We have had a fruitful partnership with Evian water as their representatives in the Serbian market, and are still expanding the Evian brand in the region. Since the collaboration with Evian water was resulting  everyday progress in October 2008 Vesta International also decided to start collaborating with
Badoit mineral water.

 In 2007, we expanded our brand portfolio once again and were proud  to introduce Serbia to the finest vodkas in the world – the Russian Standard vodkas.

Today, Vesta International Ltd. is located in the magnificent  edifice of Dedinje in Belgrade, in the beauty of the Epoque Boutique Hotel  Vila Jelena, The Club: Vila Jelena and the Terrace .

Vila Jelena is an exclusive boutique hotel and offers beautifully designed rooms divided into three categories: premium, deluxe and superior. The Club ‘Vila Jelena’ organizes all kinds of celebrations and, depending on the client’s wishes, is subject to various transformations of the luxurious and elegant, grandiose space. The Terrace is a beautifully spread out balcony that overlooks the entire city; come here to enjoy the greenery and the lights of Belgrade in the summer. This beautiful terrace area can also be booked for various celebrations.

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About Us

Vesta International Ltd. established in 2005. Its headquarters in Belgrade. Quality of service and still enjoy the exclusive brands was the main objective of our business.



 Russian Standard Vodka , Evian water , Villa Jelena, Club Villa Jelena, Badoit, Rosenthal , Bernardaud,  John West...