Club Jelena

 A spacious and elegant restaurant, "Jelena" serves great specialties prepared under the supervision of top culinary artists. Depending on the desires and mood, guests can opt for a highly cultivated international cuisine or some of the outstanding Serbian traditional cuisine specialties.

For guests who, for aesthetic or health reasons are in need of a special diet, the restaurant prepares a special selection of light and diet foods set to satisfy the most refined tastes.

If you would like to accommodate your collegues or guests at another location of your choice, our caatering team will take care of all you needs.Our team of professionals can help you organise any tipe of celebration at any location with any choice of food, beverages and music.

Special events - Press conferences,presentations, promotions, lunch meetings, fashion shows, exhibitions,parties and all sorts of other events.

Club Jelena has developed a specijal relationship with embassies in Belgrade and we are proud to say that we are always able to accommodate all of their national and specific wishes.

In our exclusive, fairytale venue, we are able to organise the wedding of your dreams where nothing is impossibile. Our Wedding team has over ten years experience and is here to make your wishes come true. We can accommodate from 30 - 300 people for your wedding in the restaurant Jelena.

About Us

Vesta International Ltd. established in 2005. Its headquarters in Belgrade. Quality of service and still enjoy the exclusive brands was the main objective of our business.



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