The Rosenthal Company was founded in the 1961 and since then has been a leading manufacturer of tableware, furniture and gifts and is available in over 97 countries worldwide. The superior design and excellence in the manufacture of porcelain and glass makes Rosenthal distinctive in the world of luxury. The combination of tradition, quality and innovation resulted in cooperation with world famous designers and architectsand this, in turn, added to the popularity of the product.

In 1879 the company "Rosenthal" began production of porcelain. Since the last half-century, "Rosenthal" has stepped out ahead of other manufacturers, beginning cooperation with famous designers and artists who have made their ideas into reality in the famous "Studio Line" collection, now one of the most recognized when it comes to this company.

In 1995 "Rosenthal" began collaborating with the fashion designer Gianni Versaci. In this collection one can see tradition and innovation, idiosyncratic style, unmistakable and expressive, ultra-modern colour palette and an explosion of imagination.

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Vesta International Ltd. established in 2005. Its headquarters in Belgrade. Quality of service and still enjoy the exclusive brands was the main objective of our business.



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