Russian standard vodka

Russian Standard vodkas are the finest expressions of traditional Russian vodkas and are the No. 1 premium vodkas in Russia, recognized for their superbly smooth spirit and pure taste, which are derived from Dmitri Mendeleev’s classic formula for Russia’s Czars.

Russian Standard Vodka is made from the finest wheat grown in Russia. Creating it in these conditions is slow, but it achieves a unique taste and aroma which is characterized by the vodka.

Pure glacier water from the icy regions of Russia flows into Lake Ladoga and the Neva River and the water has long been famous for it’s soft quality and is responsible for the sophisticated softness of the Imperial Russian national drink.

Multiple distillation ensures perfect cleanliness of distillate, which is then filtered. Filtration through activated charcoal produces pure drinking and a refined aroma.

When it comes to Imperia Vodka, it uses a unique and original fourfold quartz filtration. Professor Mendeleev has defined 40% alcohol as a basis for harmonization of the distillate during the 48 hours to achieve the perfect balance of drinks and a legend of Russian vodka turns into reality.

Russian Standard

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